Wednesday, September 7, 2016

The Healer

Title: The Healer
Author: Virginia Boecker
Rating: 4/5

Description: John Raleigh, one of the youngest and most talented magical healers in all of Anglia, can relieve any ailment except, perhaps, his own broken heart. Since the deaths of his mother and sister who burned at the stake for witchcraft, John has spent his nights lost in nightmares and his days drowning in melancholy. That is until he's summoned to the home of Nicholas Perevil, the most powerful wizard in the kingdom, who suffers from a mysterious illness that has confounded every other healer.

John immediately knows that this is no normal sickness. Nicholas, it seems, is falling apart because of a dangerous curse, and their only clue for a cure is a single name—Elizabeth Grey.

Who is this girl and how has she become mixed up with such dark magic? John must put these questions aside when Elizabeth is brought to him from the palace's prison on the brink of death. It will take everything he has to save her, and to save Nicholas, but perhaps he'll manage to save his heart along the way.

My Review: This is written in the eyes of John and a bit of back story alittle before The Witch Hunter and a bit during it. Its interesting to see the story from another's eye besides Elizabeth who was busy fighting and being ill and almost dying. So I picked this up as i wait to get book 2 of this series which will be soon I hope!

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