Monday, June 29, 2015


Title: Invaded [Alienated #2]
Author: Melissa Landers
Rating:  5/5 I LOVED IT!

Cara always knew life on planet L'eihr would be an adjustment. With Aelyx, her L'eihr boyfriend, back on Earth, working to mend the broken alliance between their two planets, Cara is left to fend for herself at a new school, surrounded by hostile alien clones. Even the weird dorm pet hates her. Things look up when Cara is appointed as human representative to a panel preparing for a human colony on L'eihr. A society melding their two cultures is a place where Cara and Aelyx could one day make a life together. But with L'eihr leaders balking at granting even the most basic freedoms, Cara begins to wonder if she could ever be happy on this planet, even with Aelyx by her side. Meanwhile, on Earth, Aelyx, finds himself thrown into a full-scale PR campaign to improve human-L'eihr relations. Humans don't know that their very survival depends on this alliance: only Aelyx's people have the technology to fix the deadly contamination in the global water supply that human governments are hiding. Yet despite their upper hand, the leaders of his world suddenly seem desperate to get humans on their side, and hardly bat an eye at extremists' multiple attempts on Aelyx's life. The Way clearly needs humans' help but with what? And what will they ask for in return? (found on Shelfari]

My Review: I think everyone should read this book its brilliant and totally different then most books. I love the characters and how the author describes everything. The hate/love relationship that the humans and L'eihrs have and also she answered most questions. Though I wish there was more- but who knows :) I know this is a short review... I'm pretty bad at them but what the heck I just wanted to say I love this series!