Thursday, September 15, 2011

Psycho Busters 1-5 (9.15.11)

Psycho Busters:
Manga by: Akinari Nao
Story by: Yuya Aoki

This manga is about a boy who wishes that he was a hero- so he turns away from real life and gets sucked in to the games around him where he could protect everyone. That is until he meets a group with interesting powers of the mine and he finds out he is one too... But why do they think he is the person to either destroy the world or save it. Will he become a hero or the villian in this story. I really like this series better than their Get Backers Series.  I still need to read the last volume which is 6-7 together... but so far its a 4 star for me! Hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Storm Borm Comic 1-3 (9-4-2011)

Dark Swan: Storm Born
Eugenie Markham is a fiery redhead- that is a freelance
shaman, battling and banishing creatures from the otherworld.
When her luck changes and after a prophecy is announced she
becomes the hottest bachelorette towards these creatures. Now
she must fight supernatural suitors as well as her past.

Preview #1
Volume 1 starts with a whirl as Eugenie is attacked by a
Keres but what is strange is that he knows her real name.
After that her secretary gives her a call and tells her
about a girl that the gentry took away into the otherworld.
She is dead set to help the girl after seeing the site but
her stepfather tells her to stay away from the gentry and to
let this one girl go- since she isn't the first. This volume
ends with a moment of passion with a stranger and an attack.

Will she save the girl?
More importantly will she survive the night??

So far I love this series... I'm thinking about picking up even
the novels and reading them! And I really enjoyed the story so
far Thankz Sea Lion Books for the free previews. I'll read part
2-3 and the other story soon!

The Candidates (9-2-2011)

Delcroix Academy: Book 1
The Candidates
by Inara Scott

Dancia Lewis tried to stay a wallflower ever since she noticed strange things happened to people around her when her emotions went to bit high. Raised by her grandmother she is visited by two recruiters. One teacher and another student, Cam. They are from Delcroix Academy- and they were giving her a full scholarship to go to a school where everyone knew only the best went too. Singers, dancers, computer nerds, sporty types- they went there but not the type of person that only wears neutral colored clothes. But nothing is what it seems...

Wow there wasn't any part of this book that was boring. Loved the characters and story. Hmmm another triangle love story... but isn't that the best. Cam or Jack... man I probody would have picked Jack
since he is all alone- poor Jack

Can't wait to get my hands on book two!