Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The Others (The New Normal #3)

Title: The Others (The New Normal #3)
Author: Sara Michelle
Rating: 3/5

Just when I was about to lose it again, someone knocked on my door. My heart began beating faster and butterflies twirled in my stomach. It felt wrong. I hadn’t felt this nervous about seeing Ryan in months. He always made me feel just right. Why did I have to worry about him now? I coughed and tried to straighten my shirt. I sighed and walked over to open the door. When I did, it wasn’t exactly who I was hoping for, but it was good enough. It was Daniel.

My Review:
Its an ok book, just wish that the book was longer... maybe combine all these little ones into a big, complete story perhaps.

The world has ended in a horrible earthquake and the surrivors find a base finally with running water and food but that is running out. Tension is high and it pulls apart the main characters. Now in the next book Ryan leaves to look for food outside.

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