Monday, May 6, 2013

Doing it in New Delhi

Title: Doing it in New Delhi (Traveling the Kamasutra)
Author: Candy Wilder
Rating: 4/5

Roxanne is a mess after divorcing her husband until her rich friend, Alexa, convinces her to travel the world with her. After spinning a globe to pick their destination, they head to New Delhi. While on vacation, Roxanne meets a gorgeous Indian businessman named Harshal. She forgets all about her problems back home as Harshal teaches her the ins and outs of the Kamasutra.

My Review:
I got this book free from the author on Valentines' Day. Free Love Extravaganza! 2013. This Valentine's Day Christina Moore set up an event on Facebook in which a bunch of authors put their books free that day. <br/><br/>Now more about the book. This book was hot and I was left wanting more. Roxanne and Alexa were a  delightful pair of friends... I wish I had a friend like that. The sex scenes... yummy lol I want a book 2! :)

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