Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Anatomia (Y-Manga)

Title: Anatomia
Author: Tamaki Fuji
Rating 4/5

Luther has fallen in love with Eva. Luther is a young art student and Eva is his eccentric professor. Luther tries to convince Eva their connection is true love, unaware of the dark past that imprisons and tortures Eva’s soul. Is what forms between them love or merely intense infatuation? Anatomia is an intriguing spiritual love story about the healing powers of love and it’s ability to overcome hardship.

Translated by Kudou Usagi; Edited by Lokivsanubis; Lettered by Aska

My Review:
A really good story for a Yaoi Manga. Its about a boy who is abused by an artist and that creates problems for that boy. Not to mention a love that starts when the other boy sees the abused one from a window. :) Not saying anymore... TEHE!

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