Wednesday, December 6, 2017


Title: Protogenesis

One American girl in Greece, one loss, one quest, one love triangle, one prophecy, her destiny… Gods and humans become one.
Helene Crawford is not the most popular girl in her rural California school. With her unusual violet hazel eyes hidden behind heavy glasses, she is the kind of student that always has an answer, especially when it comes to her favorite topic: ancient Greek mythology. Once an aspiring ballerina, now injured, she just doesn’t seem to fit in anywhere.
But one fateful day, life as she knows it comes to a grinding halt. There was a fire. Her mother is “gone”. The police say she’s dead. But something’s not right…a maze of clues lead her to believe that her mom is still alive.
The Greek Mafia may be involved. She has a crazy godfather in Athens she never knew she had. Vivid dreams of ancient gods consume her sleep. She must go to Greece. The answers to her quest to find her mom lie there.
She is suddenly uprooted to move across the world, where she must survive a new school and navigate the highs and lows of new love, to Greece where the country is embroiled in economic crisis and the kids literally speak “Greek”.
Through this daring journey, Helene will pass through the gates of her past - to another world where the roots of modern civilization and the gods of her favorite ancient myths converge – in order to find her mom, find herself, find true love, fulfill her destiny, become empowered and transform.
Who knows? Maybe the gods and goddesses are on her side… or maybe not. After all, nothing is as it seems.

My Review: I tried to get into the story and the characters but I just couldn't... not my type of book I guess or the writing just didn't click for me, thats why I gave it a 1 star!

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