Monday, October 10, 2016

Oct NG Fails- the catch up

More Fails for NG books from the past. Most of
these I either lost track of time or lost track
of interest and didn't want to finish them. I've
promised myself to clean up my NG shelf and also
not to pick every book I see to review! LOL still
hard to do for this ADD reader!

Wendy Darling, Volume 2: Seas by: Colleen Oakes
Warp by: Lev Grossman
A Mortal Song by: Megan Crewe
Rhodi's Light by: Megan Linski
The Spinster and the Rake by: Anne Stuart
The Gender Game by: Bella Forrest
The Goodbyes by: Leslie Welch
Withering Rose by: Kaitlyn Davis
Beauty and the Highland Beast by: Lecia Cornwall
Her Frozen Stepbrother by: Rachel Kenley
Endangered by: Dani Hoots
Chaos Rises by: Pippa DaCosta
Wings of Hope by: Pippa DaCosta
Crisanta Knight: Protagonist Bound by: Geanna Culbertson

Summer Days and Summer Nights by: Stephanie Perkins
The Syndicate by: Sophie Davis
Buzz Books 2016: Young Adult Spring/Summer by: Publishers Lunch
Her Stepbrothers are Dragons by: Trinity Blacio
Gambit by: C.L. Denault
St. Martin's First: Fall 2015 Sampler by: Various
Found (Penny Black #1) by: Stacey Wallace Benefiel
Hook's Pan by: Marie Hall
The Biscuit Witch by: Deborah Smith
Debt Collector (Episodes 1-3) by: Susan Kaye Quinn
Shifting Selves (Elements #2) by: Mia Marshall
Broken Elements (Elements, Book 1) by: Mia Marshall
Domination by: Jon S. Lewis
How To Seduce an Angel in 10 Days by: Saranna DeWylde

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