Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Inside

Tite: The Inside
Author: Sara Michelle
Rating: 2/5

(Ryan's Voice) This situation was way out of my control. I was willing to give up anything to go back to the way things were before … I tried my best to comfort and reassure Cecilia that somehow everything would be okay. But I really couldn’t be convincing when I could barely convince myself. We were walking into an unknown world. A world without leadership. No government. No medicine. No transportation. No food except what we could grow … or kill. It was going to be mass chaos.

My Review:
rushed, and anger is how I sum this book up. Ryan has alot of anger inside him and doesn't think of others unless its cecil. which is crazy if the world is ending. This is another book
where I question why its not packed with book 1 and 3. only
being 84 pages and font size 18 once again... But I guess when
the library gets book 3 I'll read it just the same! oh boy!

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