Monday, April 8, 2013

The Ghost, The Rat, and Me

Title: The Ghost, The Rat, and Me (Book 1)
Author: Robyn Gioia
Rating: 4/5

Campbell (Bell) Olson’s best friend Temple was killed in a car accident. She thought the pain would last forever. Then something unbelievable happens. Temple returns as a ghost. When Bell signs up to run for eighth grade president, a dead rat with a mysterious note attached to the neck appears on her doorstep. She knows it’s her obnoxious opponent, the most popular guy in school, but can’t prove it. She and Temple team up to catch the person behind the mysterious trail of clues. But it’s not long before Temple realizes things aren’t as they seem and he can’t tell Bell. He knows it’s stop the culprit or something catastrophic will happen.

My Review:
This book had me at the first sentence. Its about a girl that doesn't fit in- doesn't want people to really notice her... but things lead her into signing up for president of her grade. And against a guy who she thinks hates her. At one point her best friend that just happens to be dead comes back. Freaks her the heck out. (that would be the ghost). Her friend is full of himself but is there for her at the worse of times. The rat is delievered to her doorstep and a warning. But things get even more strange thru the book. Now I wish that I can get my hands on the next one to review. I want to find out what happens in the cave. URGH :(  I think everyone should read this book.

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