Sunday, March 17, 2013

In a Blink

Title: In a Blink
Author: Kiki Thorpe
Rating: 3/5

Book One of the magical new early chapter book series starring the Disney Fairies! The smell of salt water, a gust of seabreeze, and the bell-like ringing of a fairy's laugh are the only hints that something magical is happening to Kate, Mia, Lainey, and Gabby. In a blink of an eye, the four friends are whisked out of their ordinary lives to the most wonderful place of all—Never Land, home to fairies, mermaids . . . and now four lost girls. The girls don't want to leave right away, but Queen Clarion and Tinker Bell have figured out a way for them to get home. Will Kate, Mia, Lainey, and Gabby's fantastic adventure end before it's barely begun?

My Review:
I enjoyed this little romp into Neverland. Written for little girls who want to see faeries and soon believe in flying... but is there evil afoot? I'll have to find out in the next book!

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