Saturday, December 24, 2016

White Christmas

Title: White Christmas
Author: Rebecca York
Rating: 4/5
Reviewed for NG

Description: The snow is coming down so fast, Amelia Parsons doesn't see the speeding car until it's too late. One moment she’s crossing an ice-rutted street in St. Stephens, Maryland. In the next, she's flying into the air, and the world goes black. She wakes, confused, in what appears to be Santa’s workshop during the holiday rush. If that’s not strange enough, a hunky FBI agent named Daniel is there, demanding to know why she’s involved in a plot to ruin Christmas. Can she convince him she's not the villain and then work with him to find the real saboteur?

My Short Review: A jolly short story about danger, xmas, and love. Wish it was longer but alas short stories love to get me into the story and then end it! At least it ended in a good note :)

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