Monday, December 21, 2015

Kobato v.4-6 (completed)

Title: Kobato v.4-6
Author: Clamp
Rating: 4/5

Description: Hanato Kobato is on a mission: she has a wish she wants granted. To do this, she has to mend the wounded hearts of the people she meets on her journey and fill up a magical bottle with the suffering she has relieved. The only catch is, she can't fall in love with any of the people she helps. It seems like that's the least of her problems, though; Kobato has no clue how to mend hearts ...especially since each person's heart is different. So what's Kobato to do? Well, she has Ioryogi-san, a cute blue dog with a seriously bad attitude, to help (read: nag and critique) her ...Yikes! Looks like the road to getting her one wish is going to be a long and hard one. Will Kobato get her wish in the end? And just what is it that Kobato wants?

My Review: It pulled on my heart strings at the end, and such a beautiful story with characters you see thru all their series. Which I enjoy... its like a game. I love Clamp stories and this won't be the last of them.

(currently catching up the reviews on mangas I've read so I'll be rdy for 2016!)

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