Thursday, November 26, 2015

Orphans (minus Raven - not finish yet)

Titles: Butterfly, Crystal, and Brooke
Author: V.C. Andrews
Rating: 4/5

Butterfly #1
Description: All she wanted was to be someone's little girl... Fate made her a lonely orphan, yearning for the embrace of a real family and a loving home. But a golden chance at a new life may not be enough to escape the dark secrets of her past...

My Review: A couple getting a girl to follow the mom's footsteps in Ballet because the mom now crippled. Butterfly and Brooke stories are very similar... Butterfly is graceful as she walks and wants to show her new mom the very best that she can do but things so sour and her adoptive mother goes nuts.

Crystal #2
Description: ALL SHE WANTED WAS A FAMILY SHE COULD CALL HER OWN...As an orphan girl, Crystal was one of many -- and utterly alone. But she still dreamed of a shining life of love and happiness, and freedom from the dark legacy of her past...

My Review: Crystal is truly a smart girl and sees everything til the very end- but even if she is smart nothing can brace her for the melt down of her adoptive mother that finally ends in death for both her parents and grandmother. Her Adoptive mother is into soap operas, her father into saving all the money and getting the best deals. But alas stuff happens and her becomes an orphan once again...

Brooke #3
Description: All she wanted was a mother's warm embrace.... Brooke was an orphan, abandoned long ago by a mother she barely knew. And though her new family seemed to offer the promise of a new beginning, a dark voice in her heart told her that she was now more alone than ever...

My Review: Brooke love sports, her new mother loves fashion, and beauty... not a great mix when Brooke gets adopted and her new mother forces beauty pagent stuff and piano lessons down her throat and gets really mean about it when Brooke decides she doesn't want to do what her mom wants which ends up her adopted parents returning her to the system and to the arms of the people focused on the 5th book once I get there :)

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