Thursday, December 4, 2014

Kare First Love (Manga Completed)

Title: Kare First Love Volumes 1-10
Author: Kaho Miyasaka
Rating: 4/5

Description: Four-eyed high-schooler Karin has never thought of herself as the glamorous type, so why is this hot guy on the subway taking pictures of her? Does he actually like her or is he just some kind of subway perv? Things get complicated when the most popular girl in Karin's school, Yuka, starts showing an interest in Kiriya (yes, that picture-taking guy on the subway) and sees Karin as her rival! Can Karin build up her self-esteem (and ditch her glasses) enough to stand up to jealous Yuka--and experience first love?

My review: I loved this story and was happy that it ended how it did :) Tho a bit rushed there. Oh well its Manga they do that a lot!

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