Thursday, June 5, 2014

Bella Italia

Title: Bella Italia
Author: Suzanne Vermeer
Rating: 3/5

Reviewed for Netgalley

Description: The story of a family camping trip turned deadly When Niels and his parents arrive at the beautiful forest campground in Lake Garda, Italy, they are looking forward to making friends, relaxing, and so much more. But they are not expecting that Niels will be witness to a killing. The ongoing investigation threatens the family’s sense of security. Will Niels have to face the murderer? And more importantly, could he still be in danger? In one of her most enthralling tales, Vermeer makes us all afraid of the dark woods.

My Review: My first mystery/thriller in a long time, I decided to request this book. The story sounded good and I was wondering about the cover. Its a nice dress but that's all its about. This story is about a young boy and other boys and their families . So it doesn't fit the story at all. But let's get on with the story. The characters are intense and real life. And at no point I didn't know who was the killer and I also felt bad for Niels but who wouldn't. At one point I thought it was the boy who killed the other boy and at one point thought the father did it. Suzanne is a very good author and I'll be reading her other books I requested :) Cruise & Bon Bini Beach

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