Sunday, February 24, 2013

Rise of the Guardians: Hidden Truth & Other Stories

Book Name: Rise of the Guardians: Hidden Truth & Other Stories
Author: Ben Lichius
Pub Date: 11.13.2012
Rating: 4 Stars

Book Description:
North. Bunnymund. Sandman. Tooth Fairy. They are the make-believe characters that populate the imagination of children the world over. But young Jamie believes otherwise. They're all real, and he's been collecting the "evidence" to prove it! When Jamie's friend, Toby, comes over to spend the night, he finds Jamie's "Weird Stuff" scrapbook full of copious notes and samples about unexplained phenomenon, and the talk turns to Jamie's stories of near-miss encounters. It soon becomes evident, however, that Toby has a pretty amazing story of his own to tell. Based on the upcoming Dreamworks Animation blockbuster film "Rise of the Guardians", this prequel tells the story of Jamie's budding interest in the "Guardians of Childhood" ...and the encounters that shape his fascination!

My Review: This comic was a cute prequel for the movie in which I still need to see :( And also makes me love Jack Frost even more. The first story is about Jamie and getting proof about these characters of myth. And it showed that Jack Frost doesn't only play jokes on people but cares for mortals. I give this 4 stars, and hope you guys will check out this lovely little comic!

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