Monday, November 26, 2012

The Iron Fey Series:

I read the first book sometime ago. But this month I've the whole series even the Lost Prince. This series is written by Julie Kagawa which is now one of my fav authors out there- so lets get the reviews going...

So I'm still needing to read Summer's Crossing and another short story but I got most of it. The Iron Fey is about the journey of the Half-blood Meghan, Ash the Ice Prince, and Puck the Summer Fey.

In Winter's Passage after defeating the Iron King and returning her brother Ethan. She must go with Ash to the Winter Kingdom and talk with his mother Mab. So they head there but something in the darkness is hunting them down. I won't give away it- all these books you must read!

The Iron Daughter and Queen. They tell the story of the Meghan and Ash escaping the Winter Kingdom and battling the fake new Iron King. Which ends with Meghan and Ash exiled from Nevernever only to be bought back to defeat the fake and make Meghan the new ruler- which leads Ash unable to be with her which he can't have since they both fallen over heels with each other.

The Iron Knight is told by Ash, its his story of him trying to get a soul, and the journey and heartache that follows. With Puck and a certain cat, wolf, and a surprise they head to the end of the world where Ash will sample what it is to be human first- it scares him and thrills him... But he gets it and returns to Meghan's side to be her Knight. The only thing is that Ash isn't completely fae or human by this time.

I'm waiting for this to come to me from the library so I can read the last two short stories...
The Lost Prince was by far maybe my fav out of the series... this one is about Ethan who was left in the human world by his sister (the queen of the Iron Fae) but he has the sight. So he can see fae and thru the years the fae drive him nuts and end up ruining his life till he meets Kenzie and Todd. Ethan before that made sure that people wouldn't like him so he was an ass and he never wanted to deal with those faes that took his sister away from him. So he ends up in nevernever where he must battle a old race of faes and he ends up liking Kenzie alot. Also a surprise is waiting for him there too... I won't spoil it anymore... go read it!

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