Thursday, December 15, 2011

Reading the 2011 Award Winners Book Challenge


Read books that WON a Book Award during 2011.

Jan. 1, 2011 - Dec 31, 2012

There always seem to be controversy over some of the choices for winners of some of the major book awards - so let's hear what you have to say! Pick some award winning books, read them, and then we'll talk about it. Book awards have many different categories - so feel free to pick books from any (or all) of them. Every month I will post a recap of the books that I (and anyone else who wants to participate) reads and reviews.

Reading the 2011 Award Winners Book Challenge

If you Do want to participate: Choose the level you wish to participate at.
Level 1 - Gold - Read 10+ books
Level 2 - Silver - Read 6 - 9 books
Level 3 - Bronze Read 1-5 books
* Link to your "commitment" post in the comments below (you don't have to choose your books in advance). If you don't have a blog, just leave a comment letting us know which level you'll be participating at.
* While you don't have to have a blog, your book review must be published online somewhere (e.g. Goodreads, Amazon, Shelfari), so that I can link to it in the monthly progress post.
* Remember, the book must have won a book award in 2011 - and you can have read it/ reviewed it anytime during 2011 or 2012.
Here's a list of a few Literary Awards to get you started on selecting your books.

My list is:
 1. Caught by Harlan Coben
2. Faithful Place by Tana French
3. I'd Know You Anywhere by Laura Lippman
4. The Haunting of Charles Dickens by Lewis Buzbee
5. 7 Souls by Barnabas Miller and Jordan Orlando
6. Dust City by Robert Paul Weston
7. Live to Tell by Wendy Corsi Staub
8. The Radleys by Matt Haig
9. The Reapers Are the Angels: A Novel by Alden Bell
10. Blackout/All Clear by Connie Willis

so I'm going for GOLD!

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  1. Welcome to the challenge :-) I'm excited to see what everyone is reading - and if they think the book should be an award winner!